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Roaring Twenties
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What was the Harlem Renaissance?

Poetry Slam Classroom Activity - The Poetry of Langston Hughes (Donn)

"When the Negro was in Vogue", Langston Hughes - handout with questions (Donn)

Grade 11 Model Lessons - Harlem Renaissance

Plus:  Harlem Renaissance Games for Kids

The 18th and 21st Amendments - Prohibition and Repeal of Prohibition

How Teachers Can Make the Most of Prohibition (lesson plans)

Prohibition Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities (pbs)

Plus: Roaring 20s Prohibition Classroom Activities and Projects

Teaching the 1920s, lesson plans on key topics

The Roaring Twenties - Unit, Culture

The Aftermath of War - Cultural Clashes in the 1920s lesson plans

What was the roar of the 1920s? lesson plans

League of Nations, Debate in the United States over the League of Nations (3 lessons)

Return to Isolationism - Disarmament Conferences, Restrictions on Immigration

The Great Gatsby Student Study Guide (60 pages)

The Great Gatsby, Pearson, Activity Worksheets

The Greta Gatsby, Chapter by Chapter activities, TES

The Great Gatsby Crossword Puzzle (to print out)

Jazz in America - Lesson Plans (5th, 8th, HS)

How to dance the Charleston

Simulation Lesson Plan The Scopes "Monkey" Trial

Giggle Water and Struggle Buggies (1920's, unit, Core Knowledge)

Consumerism and the 1920s

Women - Right to Vote, 19th amendment, ratified 1920

The Stock Market Game - Simulation

By the People, For the People, Unit (Stock Market Crash - Pre-WW2) & Support Materials

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Roaring 20's for Kids

Roaring 20s Online Games

Take the Quiz, Interactive (with answers)

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Free American History Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Video Clips

Free American History Games (mrdonn)

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